Pigmea delivers flexible packaging films with the highest performance and barrier properties to guarantee the best preservation of products such as coffee and chocolate, sweeties, and their derivative bars and gummy candies, in which preserving the aroma and the properties of the product is of key importance.

Protection and appeal

In many cases, the packaging consists of structures or complexes of up to three or four layers, including aluminium, to guarantee that the fresh product is unalterably preserved, whether in horizontal (for Flow-Pack or lidding) or vertical machines. The film is critical for protection from oxygen permeation and its consequent undesired flavours and odours. With aromatic varnishes and holographic materials, Pigmea offers the possibility of customizing the packaging of their clients, giving a distinguishing touch to the brand and low temperature sealing options.

Pigmea offers custom-made films for automatic packaging of coffee, chocolate, bars and gummy candies by means of high quality flexographic printing, accurately and carefully adapted to the print runs required by its clients.