Pigmea certifies all its suppliers to ensure fulfilment of the prerogatives required to supply films for food. These guarantees are also applicable to inks, glues, varnishes and other materials used during the converting processes and the flexographic printing.

Food Safety

Pigmea is awarded with the BRC Packaging certification, one of the most demanding global standards for food packaging. During the whole converting process of its films, Pigmea takes great care in the treatment of materials, with strict protocols to avoid any possible contamination of its raw materials (HACCP and GMP), carrying out a thorough traceability scheme.

Continuous Research

The food industry needs innovative companies capable of meeting its highly specific needs. Pigmea develops an important innovation work focussed in the development of new products with the aim of offering the most innovative flexible packaging films and complexes in the market, always with high quality and accurate flexographic printing.

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