Fish and shellfish are very perishable products that are preserved by combining several processes, including vacuum packing and modified atmosphere, which is always linked to a custom-made technical film suitable for those specific needs, irrespectively of whether the product will be frozen or refrigerated.

Longer shelf life

The deterioration of fish and shellfish starts immediately after their harvest, limiting their commercial life. Therefore, the immediate manipulation and the properties of the packaging both play a crucial role in this industry. The flexible packaging needed for these products must extend their shelf life and provide brand appeal, as expected of a product which in many cases is considered a luxury product. Pigmea delivers films for all kind of packaging machinery (horizontal for lidding or Flow-Pack, and vertical) and there is also availability of structures for sterilization and pasteurisation.

Pigmea offers custom-made films for automatic packaging of fish, shellfish and their derivates, by means of high quality flexographic printing, accurately and carefully adapted to the print runs required by its clients.