Pigmea also offers food packaging solutions for products as complicated as liquids, where not only the packaging must be completely hermetic and guarantee maximum weldability, but also must have high barrier properties.

Perfect sealing with total barrier

In many cases, the barrier of flexible packaging for liquids must be total, due to the negative effect of oxygen in edible oils, which translates in lower quality due to the appearance of rancid flavours and odours, and the alteration of certain nutrients such as vitamin E, which can appear in oils and products produced with them (mayonnaise, sauces, dressings).

Furthermore, there is an increasing trend of substituting the material of certain liquid containers, such as glass or metal, for other which are less expensive or more appealing, such as film, which protects the product contained with the same or even better conditions, and provides better handling comfort and brand appeal.

Occasionally, films for liquid packaging have special resistance to those acids which can be found in brine-preserved products. Pigmea has structures and complexes specifically designed for these conditions, as well as for sterilising and pasteurising those products. All of them comply with exceptionally demanding protocols to dismiss any possibility of product contamination.

Pigmea offers custom-made films for automatic packaging of liquids by means of high quality flexographic printing, accurately and carefully adapted to the print runs required by its clients.