PIGMEA has gained the Seedling and OK COMPOST HOME certifications for its printed films. This achievement completes a research and work developped for years in which PIGMEA has acted to improve the sustainability of its films, inks and adhesives as well as in its industrial proccess.

Having achieved these certifications, PIGMEA increases its offert of compostable films, adding this to other technical proposals to enhance sustainability throught the design of film structures totally recyclable, as it is required in a circular economy approach.

These two certifications are now added to other labels yet existing in the field of Quality, such as BRC Packaging after eight years, as well as ISO 9001 (Quality Managing System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental). The achievement of these two compostability certifications runs parallel to the effort of training for PIGMEA technicians to improve the working process with these materials and inks, in which there has been an important investment in the last years.

The certification has been developped by the international certification company TÜV Austria, in accordance with the existing European law ruling these certifications.

The raw materials of these films are not plastic derivatives, and they can be thrown away to the organic waste bin at home, where right conditions for degradation and compostability of these films start.

At PIGMEA, these films are worked together with compostable inks, which is the reason why the certification includes printed films. PIGMEA offerts to its clients a full service including consultancy to replace non-recyclable film structures by recyclable ones or, depending on the type of film, to replace them by industrial compostable or home compostable films. But the consultancy can also include the adjustment of clients machinery for packing in case they need to optimise the output of their films