Packaging in this industry usually takes place under modified atmosphere conditions. Therefore, packaging becomes a critical factor in the preservation of the products. Due to is high nutrient content, milk causes the appearance of its natural microflora and other microorganisms from the environment that alter its characteristics.

Maximum preservation

Pigmea works for the dairy industry contributing with flexible packaging solutions for all its formats (cheese powder and grated cheese, sliced cheese, milk powder, butter, yogurts and fermented milks, custards and other dairy desserts), both in the packing of sliced cheeses adapted to each type of food container and lidding, as for Flow-Pack rolls, in horizontal and vertical machines. Likewise, there are solutions for any kind of vertical or horizontal machine, with or without protective atmosphere, as well as solutions for the packaging of yogurts and dairy desserts, with the possibility of sterilising or pasteurising.

Pigmea offers custom-made films for automatic packaging of dairy products by means of high quality flexographic printing, accurately and carefully adapted to the print runs required by its clients.