Complex ABAE

Flexible sheet especially resistant to pricking with transparent high barrier which allows for modified atmosphere packaging for bags and bags. Wide variety of aesthetic possibilities with the printing and varnishes available.


  • Water vapor barrier
  • Gas barrier
  • Aroma barrier
  • Moisture barrier


  • High breaking strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Good elasticity
  • High impact resistance
  • Fit for high-speed packaging


  • Good sealing performance

Special Treatments

  • Optimal gloss and transparency. Better packaging appeal in the shelf and the visibility the product deserves.
  • Spot gloss and matt varnishes. Visually appealing designs through printing with contrasts.
  • Paper-like varnish. Provides similar appearance and touch to paper, helping its recycling.
  • MAP. Suitable for packaging in modified atmosphere.

Thermal Treatment

  • Temperature depending on the product and the print run
  • Pasteurisable


  • Transparent

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