Complex Protect PETR

Multilayer structure with high barrier properties and good weldability. It has high stiffness and transparency and allows for a wide variety of aesthetic possibilities with inks and varnishes.


  • Water vapor barrier
  • Oxygen barrier


  • Machine performance and productivity improvement
  • High stiffness


  • Good sealing performance

Special Treatments

  • Optimal gloss and transparency. Better packaging appeal in the shelf and the visibility the product deserves.
  • Spot gloss and matt varnishes. Visually appealing designs through printing with contrasts.
  • MAP. Suitable for packaging in modified atmosphere.
  • Aromatic varnishes. Provides an innovative sensorial attractiveness for the final consumer.
  • Holographic material. Prevents that the packaging is tampered and provides a distinctive brand appeal.

Thermal Treatment

  • Pasteurisable
  • High-temperature resistant


  • Transparent
  • Metalized
  • Matt

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