Pre-cooked or V Range products are the latest adaptation of the market to consumption trends. They are already-cooked products which only need one last and quick processing at home, usually in the microwave. These products require suitable technical flexible packaging which, apart from perfectly preserving their quality, make it easier for the consumer to do this last processing at home.

Products for Pre-cooked, V Range and Microwave Foods

Preservation – Alternatives to freezing

Pre-cooked or V Range products are increasingly the alternative to frozen foods, due to their quick preparation and how attractively they look through controlled atmosphere.

Pigmea offers films and complexes for the flexible packaging of these products in vertical or horizontal machines; whether for microwave food container lidding, peelables and sealables for any kind of tray, or Flow-Pack films of the same characteristics.

Flexible packaging of pre-cooked foods usually admits a great variety of customisations with flexographic printing. Pigmea can supply technical packaging for this widespread consumer trend. Likewise, Pigmea offers solutions for sterilised or pasteurised products, with packaging suitable for those processes.