Throughout 2023, Pigmea has increased its supply and sales in the twistable materials sector, primarily destined for packaging candies, chocolates, and other sweets individually.


Cutting-Edge Technical Films

The technical films developed by the company require specialized treatment to ensure their optimal performance in packaging machines. Innovation in this area has allowed Pigmea to stand out, providing its customers with high-quality materials tailored to the demands of the market.


National and International Success: Successfully Penetrating Markets

Sales growth in individually packaged candy and chocolate sectors occurred in 2023 both in the Spanish market and in foreign markets such as France, Morocco, and Portugal, both in anonymous and branded packaging.

This expansion underscores the company’s ability to adapt to local preferences and global trends, consolidating its presence in the realm of individual packaging.


Future Perspectives

With a customer-centric vision, a commitment to reducing Carbon Footprint, and a dedication to Sustainability, the company is poised to continue conquering new horizons in the global market.