Pigmea has registered in the Spanish Ministry of Equality a voluntary scheme for gender equality, according to guidelines established by gender equality law, and adapted to the integration of equal opportunities, as it is provided by law 3/2007 for effective gender equality.

“At Pigmea S.L. we are aware that our strategic management has to align with necessities and demands of society, since we are a social agent of reference in which sphere continuous personal and work relations are settled”, according to the company Management.

The company has constituted an equality board among its workers in order to guarantee the fulfillement of the goals fo this plan during the next four years. According to the Management, “the degree of corporative integration of the equality values will set the direction of the human resources policies and the external and internal communication during the next years”.

According to the company, the implementation of this Equility Scheme means “a modernisation of the management plant of the company, that will result in an internal structure and relations with the society that will be free of any discrimination for gender reasons, contributing to the social advance to reach a real and effective equality”.

Pigmea is a company dedicated to food packaging wiht over 25 years of experience which is located in Alcala la Real (Jaén, Spain). It offers all kind of technical films for every food sector and it is part of the group Diseños NT.