As a market trend, the food sector is increasingly looking for structures that are recyclable and sustainable. For this reason, Pigmea is specialising in offering its customers a wide range of solutions that allow them to reach recyclable packaging in most food sectors, especially those that require high product protection.


Sustainable Packaging in the Food Sector: Driving Innovation

Not only do these packages meet sustainability demands, but they also offer a number of functions and features to promote the circular economy:

  • Product protection: They ensure the freshness and quality of the product, maintaining its integrity during transport and storage.
  • Shelf Life Extension: contributes to sustainability by minimizing the need to dispose of uneaten products.
  • Adaptability to Different Products: Their flexibility allows them to meet the specific requirements of various foods and facilitates their application in different segments of the food sector.
  • Design Innovation: focuses on optimising the use of materials and improving logistics efficiency to minimise the carbon footprint.


Commitment to the Circular Economy

Until now, products that require a high barrier used film compounds with various families of polymers that made recyclability impossible, but Pigmea is helping its customers to find alternative solutions that meet market demands, with the aim of advancing in the implementation of the circular economy.


Sustainability and Recyclability in the Food Sector

Sustainability and recycling in the manufacture of packaging for the food sector are key elements in reducing the industry’s environmental footprint and meeting growing consumer demands.

The combination of technologies and creative approaches is paving the way to a future where sustainability is an integral part of the food supply chain.