When the food industry is more and more concern about searching for environmental options for its packaging, Pigmea has increased its capacity of consultancy for the costumers with the aim of offering biodegradable and compostable solutions suited to the needs of any packed.

Since the food companies show clearly that getting recyclable, biodegradable or compostables packaging is becoming an issue, Pigmea has enhanced its business line related to such products. After a ten years experience in the field of ecological films, Pigmea is advising its clients to replace non recyclable film estructures by others including that quality, or by biodegradable or films home compostable. This latter case is a film that, after being used by the consumer, can be thrown in the organic waste. But this service contains not only compostable films, but also compostable inks, adhesives and processes allowing a complete compostability.

Pigmea is studying every case to look for the best material to replace current structures used by its costumers according to the barriers to different elements, sealibility, material output in the machine and resistance, among other parameters, to meet the best option for every client. Also, Pigmea offers advisement on the use of these materials as well as on the way to operate with them in every kind of machine.

In some of the markets where Pigmea operates, such as United Kingdom, France and the Scandinavian countries, social trends, big surfaces and even law are pushing more and more into packaging solutions being more environmental.