Specifically designed for the sweets industry, in particular for the packaging of candies and chocolates, the Mono RPNT film is a unique development made by Pigmea, with the objective of closing the circle: a material with optimal twist and yet good welding properties. It can be transparent or metalized, and its density enables better performance of this material in comparison with those that compete with it in the sector.

Therefore, not only it is a one-of-its-kind material in the sector, but it also provides a clear economic advantage, as its performance is up to 48% better than that of the materials currently used in the industry. Additionally, the Mono RPNT film is 100% recyclable, fully integrated in Pigmea’s philosophy of environmental awareness.

Pigmea has a vast experience in working with this material for some of its clients. Therefore, apart from having the exclusivity of its use, it also had the chance to improve the Mono RPNT so that the client’s machines work with the highest possible performance of the material.