The meat industry has been one of the most demanding markets: whole pieces, sliced products, cold cuts and charcuteries are highly perishable products due to their high nutrient content. Therefore, flexible packaging has evolved in order to extend the shelf life of this kind of products.

Products for Meat and Sliced Products

Resistance and shelf life

Pigmea offers a wide range of flexible packaging solutions which help in the protection of meat products, both in horizontal (Flow-Pack or lidding) and vertical machines, whether the product is fresh or frozen. The resistance of the structures combined with the easy-opening, the high barriers and the visual possibilities create a product which allows sterilization and provides brand appeal for maximum shelf impact.

Pigmea offers custom-made films for automatic packaging of meat products, cold meats or charcuteries by means of high quality flexographic printing, accurately and carefully adapted to the print runs required by its clients.